Managing Project Report

Vivek 360 is a project management tool which is used to make project management in a easy way.

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Efficient Resource Utilization

To execute approved project plan & to know the actual effort of a resource.

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Vivek360 is a web-based project management and collaboration tool. It contains To-dos, files, messages, schedules, and milestones. It tracks the employee performance on daily, monthly and yearly basis based on the time sheet. This product is developed in SaaS model, can create multiple instances for each client.


Project Planning

Project planning is a direction for stating how to complete a project within a timespan, usually with defined Tasks and with Available resources. Vivek360 Covers all phases starting from analysis to deployment.

Time Management

Planning and tracking is very important phase in any management system. The planned deliverables including cost, schedule and time against to the actual schedule. T/M, Fixed and non-billable man hours for all projects is efficiently tracked in terms of C/S/E

Task Management

24/7 accessibility to all individuals or remote resources. Vivek360 Supports real-time Time keeping for all users/employees to Keep all Your Clocks Synced. Task Functions such as Start, stop and close are enabled for each task

Resource Utilization

Allocate roles and responsibilities on project basis and specify the number of resource needed to carry out the project. Track Billable, non-billable hours and actual working hours on each task and project by each resource, team.


The seamless communication across all the functions is very important and helps to add catalyst for business growth. You can Message Project wise/ milestone wise and enabling communication to individuals without lengthy mails and messaging by individual tasks under one thread.

File management

File versioning with previous and latest updates, Share files across projects with topic oriented comments and messages. A centralized warehouse for uploaded files in milestones, messages and tasks


Depending on the Projects RACI, Man Hours model is segregated automatically and fine-tuned tailor made billing dashboard is captured and displayed.


Reporting management is an important function and plays a vital role in getting us client’s feedback. The tailor made reports can be further customized and generated as per cost, schedule and efficiency variants.

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"Vivek360 Is an Outstanding Project Management System It Is Well Thought Out, Well Organized and Easy to Use It's a Total Package, without Vivek360 We Could Not Be So Multifaceted."

Matthew Padiyara
CEO at 3NG Networks

"Vivek360 it has a truly unique interface, it's easy to use, it's easy to manage and quickly track projects it's great for file management and going paperless it facilitates managing complex tasks and reaching milestone"

Daniel Hurtado
Managing Partner of Furtado & Velez, LLP

"Vivek360 simplified my processes and allow me to manage all milestones and my people itself. The simple word the word actually explains it all is simplicity, Simplicity itself. The system allows you to pick it up, go manage, manage your team work with your team and in a fashion that doesn't require much effort with regards to knowledge your organization it all maintains itself all in one place"

Humberto Herrera
CTO for SkyShop Logistics

"Vivek360 it has really helped us upgrade the communication process in our company we found that a Vivek360 project management system has provided us with the ability to have all the answers in place even before the question is asked even if someone is not there in the office the information is right there right inside the Vivek360"

Michael Goldberg
Managing Partner at Printech